Guide to Repair RAW Drives and Rescue Files

Many a times while working on your PC, you may come across a situation when your external hard drive become RAW. Whenever, you tried to access stored files from your external hard drive, you are getting silly pop-up indicating that “Your external drive is of RAW format. Do you want to format it.” Although, its good process to repair RAW drives. But, doing so will erase all the saved files from your external drives. Now, to overcome such situation and to rescue files, user have to make use of third party RAW file recovery software. Its better recovery option and highly advance features really proves to be boon for the users. One can easily be able to repair RAW drives and rescue files from it. Moreover, the detailed analysis of RAW file recovery software is explained further in this post. But, beside all that, can you know why your external hard drives becomes RAW? If you don’t have idea regarding this issue, then go through this post.

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Factors that are Responsible for RAW Drives

  • Parametric error in file system.
  • Improper formatting of drives.
  • Power failure while access external drives.
  • Malware intrusion.
  • Abrupt removal.
  • Hardware crash.

Apart from that, there are various of other reasons too that may forces a workable drive into RAW file system. But, you don’t have to be worried. You can easily be able to repair RAW drives and rescue files using RAW file recovery software.

Salient Feature of RAW File Recovery Software

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Highly reliable recovery feature.
  • Better performance level.
  • Cost effective in nature.
  • Available in Demo version.

User’s Guide

Step 1 : Download & install RAW file recovery software.

Step 2 : Select the RAW drive to be scanned and repaired.

Step 3 : Choose the file format for recovery.

Step 4 : Select the scan method and start scanning.

Step 5 : Finally, select the location to restore the recovered files.

free download(raw)

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