How to Recover Data From Crashed Hard Drive on Mac

Mac systems are considered to be very well manufactured so they are quite robust and also sophisticated. Although every part is important for its proper working but from the user point of view hard drive is the most valuable as it contains the user’s important data. The hard drive may crash in certain extreme cases, the hard drive crash is of two types one is physical crash and another is logical crash. The physical crash can occur when the is any physical impact on the drive due to which its parts have been damaged. Physical damage can also happen due to overheating and power surge. Next is the logical crash which is more common and can be caused due to internal error like partitioning error, volume corruption, header file corruption, virus infection etc. Whenever the hard disk is crashed the Mac system will not boot and you will not be able to access any of your file stored in it. So now you must be searching for how to recover data from crashed hard drive on Mac.

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In case of physical crash there is nothing you can do about it other than sending it to the professional for repairing. But in case of logical crash you can try to fix it by using the disk utility or the fsck command provided by Mac. These utilities will scan the drive for the corruption issue and if the cause is detected it will try to fix it. But there are cases where it fails to solve the corruption or even detect it. In that situation you have to format the drive that remove the crash issue. You will lose your data in solving either of the crash scenarios.

The professionals can recover the data for you but it is rather costly. You should try to restore the data with the backup if available. When the backup is not there you can try Mac hard drive recovery software. The software is really effective and will deeply scan your drive for the file that were erased while formatting. It will then show you the preview of the files that are found for recovery. You have to choose the file you want and the software will restore it back in the drive. The recovery process is so simple that any novice user can also operate it. So download the software and recover data from crashed Mac hard drive.

Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software User Guide

Step 1 : Download the Mac hard drive recovery software.

Step 2 : Select the drive from where you want to recover the data.

Step 3 : Choose the file format for recovery.

Step 4 :Select the scan method and start scanning

Step 5 : You can now restore the files in the Mac hard drive

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