How to Retrieve Data From Raw Mac Hard Drive

Mac hard drives are quite durable and trusted that is why people save so much of data in it. The stored data is easy to manage and also can be transferred to other devices. However there are chances that the hard drive become Raw, it is a case when the file system of certain partition is not recognized by the operating system. When this happens you will lose access of the data that is stored in that partition. Now the problem is how to retrieve data from Raw Mac hard drive. You must be curious about why it happened so that you can take precautions and prevent it from happening again. So first look at the reason why the Mac hard drive became Raw.

Reasons why Mac hard drive became Raw

  • The most common reason is that there was an error when you are repartitioning the hard drive.
  • Frequent changing of the file system can also lead to this problem.
  • If there was a problem while using the Boot camp utility on Mac.
  • Serious file system corruption or hard drive error like damaged catalog file.
  • Virus infection can also affect the file system and the stored data.

When the hard drive becomes Raw then you have to format the hard and you better do it by using the Disk utility. When the drive is formatted change the file system to the HFS + file system which is native to the Mac computers. You can recover the data with the Time machine backup utility or any other backup source but if the backup is unavailable then you can use Mac data recovery software. It will thoroughly scan the drive and show the results in the preview window. You can select the files you require and restore them. The software is effective enough to recover all the files with whatever file format. Just download the software and get back lost data from Raw partition.

Mac Data Recovery Software User Guide

Step 1 : Install the software and run it on Mac.

Step 2 : Select the Mac volume for scanning.

Step 3 : Choose the format of files for recovery.

Step 4 : Select the scanning mode and start scanning.

Step 5 : After the completion of the scan restore the files.

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