Rescue RAW Files from USB Drives

Many a times, you might have come across a situations where you have to purge the RAW file system issue. Now, what steps should you take to rescue RAW files from USB drives? Don’t have any idea regarding the recovery procedure. If so, then you are surely at the right most place. Generally, such sorts of cumbersome situation takes place due to file system issue. That is, if you have remove your USB drive while it is in use, incomplete formatting of flash drive or even in case the USB drives is formatted on other versions of Mac and used on different version. Beside that, there are various of other factors too that are quite responsible for RAW flash drive issue.

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But, now you don’t have to be worried. As we are here to help you. Well, the first and foremost step toward the recovery of RAW files is through the use of backup files. However, in case the backup is not with you or the backup file gets corrupted. Then, in such situation it is better to opt for third party RAW recovery software. Its highly advance recovery feature will really proves to be boon for the general users. Apart from better recovery option, the tool also works well in case of data loss or corrupted data files issue and many more. So, what are you looking for! Just try it and easily rescue RAW files. However, if you want in detailed information will be found after using it.

User’s Guide

Step 1 : Install RAW file recovery software.

Step 2 : Select the RAW drive to be scanned & repaired.

Step 3 : Select the respected file that you want to recover.

Step 4 : Now, click on start scan option.

Step 5 : Finally, select the location to restore the recovered files.

free download(raw)

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